Due to Bank holiday, we won't be holding Academy training on 24 October. 


Note: Registration is now CLOSED as we have reached capacity across all age groups due to Covid-19 protocols.


We are operating a waiting list for those who were unable to register. Please email admin@dalkeyunited.ie to register your interest. 

We are delighted to announce that registration for season 2020/2021 is now open. Inter Club organised games and League Seasons are due to start 12 & 13 September.

An enormous amount of work has been carried out by Club volunteers since the start of the lockdown period in order to keep the Club moving and more recently, to prepare for pre-season in line with extensive COVID-19 guidelines.  Please take the time to thank all Club volunteers for their significant commitment and contribution to our Club.  Without them, there would simply be no Dalkey United.

Subscription details for the coming season are included below.  We have reduced the cost of most subscriptions since last year and payments may be made in 1 or 3 installments. They include payments outstanding and credits due (50% of actual fee) - for subscriptions covering the second half of the 2020 season, Jan 1 to mid-March. Register here. 

Academy Registrations (U5-U8, birth years 2016-2013) are currently deferred, details will be released, and registrations opened as soon as available.

Please select your payment category A, B or C and then fee level. If you are unsure as to what payment is due, please send an email query to admin@dalkeyunited.ie for clarification before making payment.

We need as many players as possible to be registered as soon as possible, to enable us to determine how many teams the Club will have this year.  No player will be allowed train or represent the Club post September 1 2020 without being registered.  This would contravene Club policy and our Insurance cover.

Category A: CURRENT Members with OUTSTANDING Top-up Fee

  • 1 x Boy U9 and up 322
  • 1 x Girl U9 and up 300
  • 2 x Children U9 and up 557 
  • 3 x Children / Family 657
  • Academy U5-U8 230

Category B: CURRENT Members with Previously PAID Top-up Fee

  • 1 x Boy U9 and up 178
  • 1 x Girl U9 and up 200
  • 2 x Children U9 and up 293
  • 3 x Children / Family 343
  • Academy U5-U8 130

Category C: NEW MEMBER FEE - Joining NEW 2020/21 Season

  • 1 x Boy / Girl U9 and up 250
  • 2 x Children U9 and up 425
  • 3 x Children / Family 500
  • Academy U5-U8 180
  • Code for Parents

    Remember, young people play football for their enjoyment, not yours Do not force an unwilling child to participate in the playing of football. If the child is to play, he/she Read More
  • Code for Players

    ETHOS I will play football because I want to, not because others want me to I will play within the Laws of the Game  I will accept the referee's decision Read More
  • Code for Coaches

    Coaches In keeping children and young people at the forefront of planning and practice, our Coaches can be confident that participants will enjoy their football experiences and that their actions Read More
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