Code for Players


  • I will play football because I want to, not because others want me to
  • I will play within the Laws of the Game  I will accept the referee’s decision and let my Coach ask any relevant questions
  • I will show respect at all times for all Coaches, all referees, all players, all spectators, and all Club officials
  • I will control my temper. I will not fight or use foul or abusive language or inappropriate gestures
  • I will be a team player and will co-operate with my Coach, team mates and members of my Club
  • I will respect my team mates and support them both through good times and bad times
  • I know that winning isn’t everything – having fun, playing fair, improving my skills, making friends and doing my best are all important
  • I will respect our opponents. I will treat all players as I would like to be treated. I will not “bully” or take advantage of any player or intentionally hurt an opponent
  • I will acknowledge all good play – that of my team-mates and of my opponents
  • Winning and losing is part of sport. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. At the end of the match, I will thank our opponents and the referee and shake their hands 
  • I understand that Coaches are volunteers who are there to coach and not to improve my behaviour. If I am found to be behaving badly, my Coach is permitted to remove me from the event (training, game or other). Furthermore, the responsibility of my behaviour outside of team-sanctioned events is not that of Club officials but is the responsibility myself, and of my family or guardian
  • I will not take part in any form of bullying, either of an opposing player or of a player on my team. Bullying in any form, physical or verbal, whether in person or electronically (including any form of Social Media) will not be tolerated and sanctions may include being asked to leave Dalkey United 
  • I will not tell lies or spread rumours about other children or adults
  • I will not keep secrets about any person who may have caused me harm. I will inform my Coach and/or the Child Protection Office (details on
  • I will inform my Coach and/or the Child Protection Office if I am aware of any player on my team being bullied
  • I will remember that I am representing my team, Dalkey United, my family and the Game of Football. I will not behave in any manner that may bring the name of Dalkey United A.F.C into disrepute.


  • I recognize that training sessions are equally important as games and I will make every effort to attend training
  • I will arrive punctually at the training or match venue at the time set by my Coach
  • If I cannot make a game or training, I will notify my Coach at least 48 hours in advance so that arrangements for substitutes can be made
  • I realise that players who attend training may get priority in the starting line-up. Starting line-ups are based on several factors including attendance at training, effort, attitude, behaviour, positions, etc.
  • I realise that playing time is not always going to be equal. Some teams (including higherlevel competitive teams) use an “earned playing time” system based on ability, attitude, position, fitness and commitment. At the Academy and Development levels, playing time shall be equitable.
  • I will leave all venues as neat and tidy as I found them.


  • I will take good care of my kit
  • I will wear shin guards and appropriate footwear to all games and training
  • At training I will wear approved attire, such as training top and shorts as determined by my Coach
  • On match day, I will ensure that I wear clean Dalkey United shorts and socks.


  • I recognize that my Coach will handle any bad behaviour that occurs other than during a game
  • I recognize that any bad behaviour that occurs during a game are governed by the Laws of the Game and will be decided by the referee. The result may be a Caution (yellow card) or Dismissal (red card), in which case there may also be further action taken, including suspensions, by the Committee of Dalkey United A.F.C.
  • I recognize that certain serious misbehaviours will result in a discipline hearing convened by the Committee of Dalkey United A.F.C., and could lead to a suspension from football.


I understand that if I do not follow the Code of Conduct, any/all of the following actions may be taken by my Coach, my Club, the League or The FAI: I may:

  • Be required to apologise to my Coach, team-mates, the opposition or the referee
  • Receive a formal warning from my Coach or the Club Committee 
  • Be dropped or substituted
  • Be suspended from training
  • Be required to leave Dalkey United.
  • My Coach, my Club, the League or The FAI may make my parents / guardian aware of any infringements of the Code of Conduct
  • The FAI / League could impose a fine and suspension against my Club.