2020 Registration is Open

(Spring 2020 Update) Last year, a decision was made by the league to change the football season back to academic year.  Moving forward dues will be paid in September for the full season (Sept to June).  Some of our members paid in January of last year for a full calendar year, and need to pay a top up to cover the remainder of this season. 

New members to the club can pay the fees now ready in the EPP system for the period Jan - June 2020. 

Current members who have paid the 2019 fees in January last year, your payment has covered the period Jan–Dec 2019. Please pay a top up for the Jan - June 2020 to cover the remainder of the current season. 

Current members who joined in September of 2019, your payment has covered the full season through June and no dues are required.  

Subscriptions for the season are as follows:

  • Single Membership €250 (boys) and €200 (girls) 
  • €200 & €125, for 2nd & 3rd Child. 
  • Family €575 membership for 3 or more children
  • Academy (up to U7) €180
  • Top Up 1 Child: €145
  • Top up 2 Children: €265
  • Top up 3 or more: €315
  • Top Up Academy: €100

Club kit is available for purchase in the Club Shop. 

Every group of parents/guardians is asked to provide coaches or managers for their child’s team as the club is entirely dependent on volunteers in order to operate.  Coaches will be assigned once membership is closed and all teams must have a minimum of 2 coaches in order to enroll in league play. 

Due to Club policy, membership numbers may be restricted in certain younger age groups and will be for all 11-a-side Age Groups. No child may play for the Club without membership payment.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact admin@dalkeyunited.ie 

  • Code for Parents

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  • Code for Players

    ETHOS I will play football because I want to, not because others want me to I will play within the Laws of the Game  I will accept the referee's decision Read More
  • Code for Coaches

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