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You can join Dalkey United at any time of the year however the best time to join the club is at, or before, the start of new league season which begins in September. It is a good idea to make contact, meet, and begin training, with your prospective team towards the end of the previous season in April or May. We will look to register players before the Summer break to be able to plan ahead for logistics and league applications.

(Please note that, regrettably, it may not always be possible to squeeze an extra player into a squad where there is already a large number of active players and where an additional player would result in swelling the number of substitutes on the sidelines and not getting adequate regular match time, but in the first instance, please make contact).


Please note we have a new Online Registration and Payment facility

To join the Club, please click on the Pay Now button. This will request such details as parent/guradian names, contact details, members details, ages etc. Once all details are entered, you will be requested for payment of your membership fee, which will be by debit or credit card. Please refer to the Registration Instructions for more information on registering.

Then What?

The appropriate team manager will contact you with instructions on what to do next. Click here for a list of team manager contacts if you do not hear from us within a few days.